Witty Chinese Couplets(4)

Keywords: Character formation and decomposition, groups, newsgroups, ASCII code, Chinese Couplets

Repetion and decomposition

Some Chinese characters can be decomposed into other characters. For example, "好" (good) can be decomposed into "女" (daughter) and "子" (son). The left part of "好" is "女" and the right part is "子". "女" and "子" are called the "component characters" of "好". In this example we discuss the repetition and decomposition techneques used in making a perfect Chinese couplet.  Read>>>>

Witty Chinese couplets 

These Google Groups articles, transferred from earlier newsgroups and dated 8 Feb 1990, are the earliest ones which I could find. Chinese characters are not easy to input into computer, let alone to display them in a newsgroup on the Internet. Read>>>>

Couplets for character formation or breakup

ChineseHour blog has some interesting Chinese couplets for Chinese character formation or breakup with fantastic stories, which can help you learn Chinese characters with fun.  Read >>>>