Spoof Chinese Couplets

The word "Spoof" was originated by English Comedian Arthur Roberts, meaning 

"nonsense, trickery."

When Spoof is used in video, it means funny, humorous, comedy imitation, distortion change for a satarical purpose.

Video spoofing is quite fashionable recently. There is a report on this topic from China Daily:

"New regulations are in the pipeline to regulate video content on the Internet in the wake of a surge in short satirical films online, according to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

Video spoofs have become so popular that netizens have even coined a slang term, "egao," to describe the act of using real film clips to create mocking send-ups. "

And spoofing is now coming into Chinese couplets. In the global economic recession, unemployment rate is sky high, Chinese graduate students can feel the pressure, so during Chinese spring festival, this couplets was being pasted on one girl dormitory door.


lower: look for job, look for good job

upper: look for husband, look fo good husband

hengpi: Oh Yeah