Some Couplets with Egnlish translation

好年好景好运气 good year good condition good fortune
多财多福多吉利 more wealth more happiness more lucky

心想事成百业兴 heart wish business success hundred  industries flourishing
时来运到家昌盛 Chance come fortune arrive home prosperous

天增岁月人增寿 Heaven add years people gain ages
春满乾坤福满门 spring full universe happiness full house

宏图大展万事兴 grand prospect widely unfold millions things prosperous
富贵吉祥财源旺 rich honour lucky auspicous financial resource flourishing 

人兴财旺平安宅 family growing finance flourishing peaceful house
福寿双全家常贵 happiness longivity both possessed house always honourable

旺犬旺财旺新年 vigorous dog florishing finance prosperous new year
好年好景好运气 good year good condition good fortune

开工大吉 commencing work prospitious
出入平安 travel safe and sound

满 full
福 happy

开工大吉 commencing work auspicous
一帆风顺 plain sailing (one sail wind favourable)
大吉大利 big auspicious
年年有余 year yea have remaining
如意吉祥 prospitious as one wishes
金玉满堂 gold jade full house
迎春接福 welcome spring receive happy
心想事成 heart desire thing success
学业进步 academy progress
福星高照 fortune star shine high
瑞气临门 auspicious wind descend (upon the) house
花开富贵 flower blooming rich honour
竹报平安 bamboo announce safe and sound
万事如意 millions thins as wishes
财源广进 finance resouce widely come
生意兴隆 business prosperous 
骏业腾飞 steed enterprise soar flying