New Year Couplets in English

the Pig by Maddy and Alice, aged 9, from Swadlincote, England.

It is the year of the pig
let's celebrate and dance and jig

Lucky Hog by Holly, aged 8, from Kiveton, Sheffield, England.

It's the Chinese New Year of the Dog
I'm sending you a happy frog and a lucky hog

The Year of the Ox by Sidonie, aged 9, from Kiveton, Sheffield, England.

I was born in the year of the ox,
For my new year I will wear my lucky red socks.
I opened my box and found a red and white fox.

The Year of the Boar by Rebecca, aged 10, from Stockport, Manchester, England.

May the boar bring meat to me
It would fill my heart with glee

The Dragon And The Lantern by Shauna, aged 8, from Reddish, Manchester, England.

Once there was a Dragon,
Who was alone carrying a Lantern.

Fortune Sticks by Naomi and Bethany, aged 9, from Staveley, Derbyshire, England.

Drop your stick upon the ground,
And see what fortune you have found

Nian by Katie and Megan, aged 9, from Warwickshire, England .

Bangers and crackers are coming this way
simple to scare devil and nian away.

Happy Chinese New Year by Nick, aged 10, from Birmingham, England.

Happiness, peace and lots of good wishes
Eat plenty of prawns and tasty fishes!