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General Yue’s tomb

In Hangzhou city, by the side of Xixia Mountain resides General Yue’s tomb. General
Yue Fei (1103 – 1142) was an extraordinary military leader and hero in the wars between Chinese Song Dynasty and northern nomadic Jin Dynasty. He led his army fighting with Jin on the front lines, though back in the Court, some scheme was fermented by his enemies who were close to the emperor. Some high officials fabricated false evidence, persuaded the emperor to call General Yue back, charged him of disloyalty, and sentenced him to death. The death of General Yue was an unbearable tragedy in history. In 1162, when the grievance was redressed, General Yue was buried in this present place with honors. Outside the tomb, there are statues of the four treacherous officials who betrayed the great general. The statues have a shameful posture, with their knees down to the ground. 

The Dui Lian (Chinese Couplets) of the tomb reads:

The green mountain is honored to bury the loyal soul; 
The white iron is too innocent to forge the sycophants.