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The spirits of music

樂神 The spirits of music. The 酉陽雜俎 Yew-yang-tsa-tsoo again says, " In the time of 永貞 Yung-ching, in the eastern market, the daughter of one 王布 Wang-poo, about fourteen years of age, had two polypi growing out of her nostrils, which when touched occasioned so much pain that it went to her very heart. No medicine was found that could heal the disease ; one day a Buddhist priest, took a little powder and blew it up her nostrils, upon which he took out the polypi and went away. Not long after, a young man riding on a white horse knocked at the door, and hearing Wang-poo relate the circumstance, sighed and said, 天帝 The divine Ruler having missed the two 樂神 spirits of music, has just discovered that they were hid in your daughter's nostrils ; I have been sent at the command of the Divine Ruler to take them, and little thought that this priest has obtained them first. For this I shall be blamed.' " 

In a work entitled 翻譯名義 Fan-yih-ming-e. it is said that " 乾闥婆天 Keen-ta-po-t'heen is the 樂神 spirit of music, she dwells on earth at the 十寶 Shih-paou hill; when Heaven wishes to have any music, the body of this spirit exhibits some unusual appearances, after which the spirit ascends lo heaven."