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The spirit of the hill

山神 The spirit of the hill. In 山海之經 a fabulous account of hills and seas, we read, that " 鐘山之神 The spirit of the Chung hill was called 燭陰 Chuh yin ; when it opened its eyes to see, there was day, and when it closed them, there was night ; when it blew roughly, there was winter, and when softly, there was summer; its body was 1,000 le in length, and it dwelt to the east of 無腎 Woo-shin." 

Again, in the same book we read, " At the 堵山 Too hill there is a 神 spirit, called the 天愚 celestial fool, who dwells there ; he frequently gets up unusual storms of wind and rain." 

In the 稽神錄 Inquiry into the spirits, mentioned under section 99, we read, that " In a village in 袁州 Yuea-chow, there was an old man, whose disposition was respectful and kind, and his family very rich ; one day, a young person clothed in purple, with a great retinue of servants and chariots, came to his house, asking for something to eat; the old gentleman invited him in and spread a table before him, richly provided, with sufficient for all his attendants ; white the old man waited upon them. The youth said, "I am 仰山神 the spirit of the Yang hid ; all those who sacrifice to me, obtain happiness thereby. Observing that you were a superior man, I have come to you, asking ion 
something to eat." 

In the ode of 李端 Le-twan, we have the following couplet : " With boiled fish, you may entertain a 水客 visitor from the waters, and with supplies of wine you may pour out libations to 山神 the spirits of the hills."