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The snake sprite

蛇神 The snake sprite. In the same 拾遺記 Collection of Miscellaneous Fragments, we read, that " when 禹 Yu was excavating the 龍關 Lung-kwan hill, he espied a 神 sprite with a 蛇 snake's body and a human face. Yu took the opportunity of entering into conversation with this sprite and the sprite shewed Yu a delineation of the eight diagrams engraven on a golden plate. 蛇身之神 This sprite with a snake's body was 伏羲 Fuh-he."

杜牧 Too-muh, in a preface which he composed to be prefixed to the writings of 李長吉 Le-chang-keih, said, "(Compared with the writings of this gentleman), the stories about gaping whales, tortoises throwing stones, 牛鬼 ox- like imps, and 蛇神 snake-like sprites are hardly to be considered empty fables and lying inventions."