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The snake-holding spirit

Among the 列子 writings of the various philosophers, we read, that, " The two hills of 太行 T'hae-hang (Lat. 35. 20. North, Long. 3. 55. West of Peking) and 王屋 Wang-uh (Latitude 35. 18. North, Longitude 4. 25. West of Peking) are situated to the south of 冀州 Ke-chow, (or 太原 T'hae-yuan, the capital of 山西 Shan-se,) and to the north of 河陽 Ho- yang, (or 孟津 Mang-tsin.) 

A stupid old man, who lived at the northernmost of these hills, and had bis dwelling in front of the mountain, was displeased, because the north side of the hill stopped up the ingress and egress to distant places in one direction. He therefore assembled his family, and consulted about exerting their utmost strength, in order to level the precipice, that he might open out a way towards 豫南 Yu- nan, (or 河南府 Ho-nan foo), and 漢陰 Han-yin, (both situated to the south of the above hills, in the province qf Ho-nan.) 操蛇神 The snake-holding spirit hear- ing of this was alarmed, 告之于帝 and announced the circumstance to the Supreme."