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The genius of metal.

金神 The genius of metal. In a panegyric on the 山海經 Sban-hae-king, published by 郭璞 Kwo-po, it is said, that "蓐收 Juh-show, the 金神 genius of metal, has got white hairs, tiger's claws, and snakes issuing from his ears ; he holds in his hands a hatchet, and takes a general superintendance over all the workers of iniquity ; he sets up his ensign at the 西阿 Se-o palace, and reverently carries out the inflictions of Heaven."

In the poems of 庾信 Yu-sin, occurs the following couplet : " The thundering chariots and the din of war, arouse the sword in its scabbard, and awaken the 金神 genius of metal