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The fairy of salt water

鹽神 The fairy of salt water. 

In the account of the 南蠻 southern baibarians, met with in the 漢書 Books of Han, is the following statement :

 " In the 鹽水 salt wa- ter there is a 女神 fairy lady, who addressed 廩君 Prince Lin, saying, " This territory of yours is wide and extensive, producing both fish and salt, I wish to remain and dwell with you.' The prince Lin refused ; when the 女神 fairy lady came unexpectedly one evening and took up her abode with him. In the morning she transformed herself into an insect, and with the rest of the insects flew about in such swarms as to obscure the lighf of the sun, so that the sky and the ground were both darkened ; this continuing for more than ten days, Prince Lin waited for his opportunity, and shot her dead with an arrow ; after which the sky became clear."