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The abode of sprites, or the ghosts haunting a dwelling

宅神 The abode of sprites, or the ghosts haunting a dwelling. In an irregular poem on the Yang-tsze-keang, occurs the following: "The wondrous form (of the river) assumes its course, and 宅神 becomes the abode of sprites"

In an irregular poem on a small garden, written by 庾信 Yu-sin is the following couplet: "鎮宅神 Repress the ghosts which haunt the house by the [艹貍]石 opposing stone; and 壓山精 keep back the fairies that wander about the hills by the 照鏡 reflecting mirror." See Morrison's Syllabic Dictionary, under the 鎮 Chin character. The Chinese are in the habit of setting up stone tablets in various positions, to prevent as they think evil influences from coming in contact with human dwellings ; they also set up looking-glasses, where they think ghosts or fairies are likely to be wandering about, in order that the spectres may be frightened by their own deformity and retire.