Sina Signs Licensing Agreement With Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. and SINA Corp. today announced a technology licensing agreement on the Chinese Couplet Generator technology.

The Chinese couplet generator from Microsoft Research helps people compose Chinese couplets using Natural Language Computing principles. Specifically, it helps generate a down scroll sentence when an up scroll sentence is input. Furthermore, after a down scroll sentence is selected from system outputs, it also can generate a hengpi based on a selection. This technology also can be used to further Chinese language learning by entertaining and engaging users.

Through the licensing agreement, Microsoft's patented technology will be used in SINA's new couplet service for mobile phones, which allows a mobile user to send his or her first line of couplet sentence in short message service (SMS) form to SINA's server running Microsoft's Chinese couplet generation engine. The engine will automatically build the second line and horizontal scroll bearing an inscription to users in the form of multimedia message service or SMS. The service will be available by Jan. 6, 2009, in time for the Chinese New Year (Jan. 26, 2009), when billions of SMS messages will be sent with New Year's greetings.