Chinese Couplet Generator

Keywords: Chinese Couplet Generator, down scroll sentence, up scroll sentence, hengpi, , couplet generator

Can you imagine a computer capable of generating Chinese couplets? The NLC (Natural Language Computing) Group of Microsoft Research has made this a reality by creating Chinese Couplet Generation software as part of its language gaming project for the internet and mobile games ( The software essentially works by accepting a sentence provided by a user and then extrapolating a couplet sentence. This technology can be used to further Chinese language learning by entertaining and engaging users.

This demo is mainly designed to help Chinese users with writing couplets. It can help you to generate a down scroll sentence (下联) when you input an up scroll sentence (上联). Furthermore, if you select a down scroll sentence from the system outputs, it can also generate a hengpi (横批) based on your selection.

I have tried out Couplet Generator bellow. In the upper scroll, 布衣and日虹are my two daughter's name.